Google is testing a completely revamped Assistant Feed

Google is testing a completely revamped Assistant Feed

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Google has offered its users a number of ways to interact with its virtual assistant. Some prefer to use the voice command hot words to bring it up while others will launch the service from the navigation bar/gesture. However, few seem to access it using the Google application. There’s an Updates tab in the Google application that brings up what some would describe as the Google Assistant hub or feed. As of now, this UI gives you quick access to certain commonly used features of the assistant but someone on Twitter seems to have received a revamped design that may be in testing.

So here we have the two screenshots that Twitter user Eduardo Pratti uploaded late last night. There isn’t any mention of an application update so what we’re likely seeing here is an A/B server-side test that Google is working on. The current UI of the Updates tab in the Google application has a lot of focus on offering you suggested actions within each section of cards. However, this redesign that we’re seeing has cleaned up the user interface a lot and highlights the actual content and not suggested actions.

In the reply to his own tweet, Eduardo then uploaded a video showing how these cards are animated with this new redesign. You’ll notice that these cards shown in the new Google Assistant updates feed have an arrow down icon on the right side. This is similar to what we have now which will either give you more context for the card or even giving you some suggested actions specific to that card.

This is a big change for the Assistant Feed within the Google application. I’m personally not a heavy user of this tab in the first place but I do like how the new UI has cleaned things up. This looks to be a very small A/B test that may never make it out to more people than those who have it now. But we’d like to hear what you think of the user interface in testing.

Via: 9to5Google