[Update: Available in Google Store] Google announces Titan Security Key for enhanced online security

[Update: Available in Google Store] Google announces Titan Security Key for enhanced online security

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Update 8/30/18: Google has announced that the Titan Security Key bundle is now available in the Google Store in the United States. The original story follows.

Technology has evolved so quickly and has become so integral in our daily lives that it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with it all. Whether it’s a malware-ridden thumb drive, an email phishing scam that tricks a naive employee, or even a security hold in the hardware or software itself. There are many ways for hackers to get your data and use it or sell it on the dark web. Google has announced the Titan Security Key, a physical device that can be used to greatly improve your online security.

Lots of high profile companies have been hacked in recent years from Equifax, eBay, JP Morgan Chase, Yahoo, Target, Adobe, and many more. You get the idea here and each of these hacks were done in various ways. Google wants to make sure nothing like this happens to them. They announced that their 85,000 employees have not been hacked since 2017. Sure, that’s a short amount of time, but Google is a prime target for these types of hacks and yet they feel they have figured out the solution. They believe physical security keys are the answer to the problem.

These physical security keys aren’t that new. There have been some companies like Feitian, Yubico, and others who support FIDO, FIDO2, U2F and many more authentication methods. Google has been encouraging regular users of their service to use them for a while now, so what is so special about Google’s Titan Security Key? Naturally, they aren’t giving away the secret sauce, but it features custom firmware developed by Google. The Titan Security Key will be available in both USB as well as NFC/Bluetooth options and will be available for sale in Google’s online store within the next few months.

Individual pricing for these the Titan Security Key is said to be around $20 or $25, but there will be a bundle option for $50 (which makes it seem like that’s not a deal at all).

Source: Google Via: CNET