Google To Launch Next Gen Android One On July 14

Google To Launch Next Gen Android One On July 14

The first gen of Android One devices to be launched in India in September 2014 were decent starter smartphones, featuring budget specs and a promise of fast updates. However, the phones did not pick up as big a response as Google hoped.

Now, as per a report by The Economic Times, it appears that Google is rethinking their strategy towards Android One in India. The first gen Android One devices focused on first time smartphone users, but were flawed in their distribution and marketing as they were available only via the 3 major online retailers of India at the time: Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal. Comparing this with the fact that 68% of the Indian population lives in rural areas where electricity is a privilege, one can see why an online-only marketing strategy would flop for a starter smartphone.

The next gen of Android One in India will fix this one flaw that the first version had. The report states that focus for Android One has shifted from first-time smartphone users towards more accustomed users, thereby indicating a shift in the basic strategy of the Android One plan.

The latest Android One smartphone will be made by Lava International, which is a known name in the budget segment in India, and will be launched in New Delhi on 14th July 2015 for a price tag of Rs. 12,000 ($190), which is triple the current selling price of the first gen (Rs. 3,999; $65). Regarding specs, the device will reportedly feature a Mediatek chipset, 2GB RAM and a 5″ display and other specs to let it remain relevant for a longer period of time in the Indian market. The smartphone will also be positioned as an affordable Nexus, with focus on frequent software and security updates. However, the report states that “Google has made some significant changes to the operating system and has deeply collaborated with Lava to modify the platform as per the product specifications for latter’s smartphones“.

On the back end, the next gen Android One smartphone has been developed in collaboration on hardware and software with Lava as well as Mediatek, which is in contrast the first gen Android One smartphones which were taken from ODM’s in China. The new smartphone will also follow an online and offline sales model, thereby increasing its product reach in the Indian market. Google is also expected to spend around $10 million-15 million on marketing and promotion this time around.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store from the second generation if indeed they are marketed as the affordable Nexus, especially seeing that the smartphones will be powered by Mediatek processors. Along with the upcoming release of the Moto G 3rd generation, the Rs. 12K ($200) market segment is surely going to heat up.

What are your thoughts on the new Android One smartphone? Do you think it can become a true Nexus replacement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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