Google Announces a Trade-in Program for Project Fi Customers

Google Announces a Trade-in Program for Project Fi Customers

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When Project Fi was initially announced, some felt the fledgling MVNO would not last very long. However, Project Fi is still kicking, and has even added U.S. Cellular to their list of growing participants. Today, Google has announced that they are partnering with a couple of 3rd-party companies to bring a trade-in program to customers to buy a smartphone from their Project Fi service.

Trade-in programs are gaining a lot of popularity as people are wanting to upgrade to the latest and greatest smartphone without the hassle of selling their old devices. Some companies even offer trade-in programs as a way to build good will after their previous product flopped.

A lot of people stick to a 2-year upgrade cycle here in the United States due to contracts, but at the end of that 2 year period many people feel the itch to go for an upgrade. So rather than spending upwards of ~$650 (or more, if the latest Google Pixel 2 XL leaks are true) for a smartphone, or you could trade-in your device after a year and get that money put toward a brand new device.

Google has been partnering with third party companies for various services they’ve been offering in the Google Store. For example, their financing service is done with a credit card account issued and serviced solely by Synchrony Bank. Their repair program for Google Pixel phones is available thanks to a partnership with uBreakiFix stores across the United States. And now they’ve announced a trade-in program for Project Fi customers that is actually provided by Apto Solutions in partnership with Hyla.

Google made this information public today along with the announcement of the Android One-edition Moto X4 being available on Project Fi. They are offering current and prospective Project Fi customers up to $165 for select Google Nexus devices that are traded in. Not only that, but they’ll also throw in another $50 in Project Fi credit if this trade-in is done by October 5th, 2017. While nothing else is announced just yet, many are speculating that this trade-in program could carry over to other devices in the Google Store (such as the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL).

If you are interested in this trade-in offer, we recommend you thoroughly read the terms and conditions at the below link.

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