Google Voice Experiments Page Highlights Google Assistant Apps

Google Voice Experiments Page Highlights Google Assistant Apps

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Google offers lots of free development tools. To help showcase some of the most interesting applications developers have created with them, the search giant recently launched web showcases categorized by platform, including Experiments with Chrome, AR Experiments, and Experiments with Android. The newest, Voice Experiments, highlights apps made with the Actions on Google platform and Google Assistant-enabled devices like Google Home.

Since the page is brand new, there aren’t too many experiments on display, but four are available to try right now.

Mystery Animal is a spin on the classic 20-questions game. Story Speaker lets anyone create narrated, interactive stories without any programming knowledge required. MixLab is an experiment that makes it easier for anyone to create music using simple voice commands. And lastly, Meme Buddy is a simple experiment by developer Mike Bodge that lets you create memes with a series of voice commands. Every app has its own page where you can launch it from a browser, and some have a link to GitHub repositories where you can check out the code for yourself.

Google launched Actions on Google back in December of last year. Since then, we’ve seen a number of interesting 3rd-party apps and services plug into Google’s AI-powered virtual assistant. In August, Walmart partnered with Google Express for hands-free shopping, and in September, LG added support for nearly 90 of its appliances.

Get tired of Google’s Voice Experiments? Don’t fret. If you’re interested in demoing outside-the-box Android applications, check out the Android Experiments page. Those interested in machine learning can take a gander on the company’s AI Experiments page, and those who are interested in Augmented Reality can try projects on Google’s AR Experiments page.

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