Google Brings Voice Typing to 30 Languages Around the World

Google Brings Voice Typing to 30 Languages Around the World

Typing or searching something with your voice on a desktop or laptop PC can seem cumbersome, but it feels much more natural on a smartphone. Google is aware of this and that is why Android has had various voice typing/searching features built into the platform for a while now. As with a lot of Google’s services though, it can be restricted based on languages or regions, but today the company has announced they’re adding support for 30 additional languages.

To accomplish this feat, Google worked with native speakers by collecting samples of words and phrases from them. As with most new features that Google’s services have been getting lately, this is all thanks to their machine learning technology. So they took those samples from participants and used them to train their machine learning models. This allowed Google to understand words that are being spoken, and was also able to improve the accuracy over time as well.

Google says support for these additional languages are being made available to Gboard for Android, Google Translate, Voice Search and more. They didn’t go into detail about what other services they mean when they say “more” though. But they did mention that these additional languages are being made available via Google’s Cloud Speech API though, so developers can immediately start taking advantage of this new update.

Google is also making it easier to pick the emoji you want by including voice support for English in the United States. You’ll even be able to use voice typing to find an emoji of your choice by saying something like ” winky face emoji.” The company says they’ll bring this new feature to additional languages in the future, but didn’t give an ETA on when they had plans to do that. For those interested, here is the full list of newly supported languages for Google services…

  • Amharic (Ethiopia)
  • Armenian (Armenia)
  • Azerbaijani (Azerbaijani)
  • Bengali (Bangladesh, India)
  • English (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania)
  • Georgian (Georgia)
  • Gujarati (India)
  • Javanese (Indonesia)
  • Kannada (India)
  • Khmer (Cambodian)
  • Lao (Laos)
  • Latvian (Latvia)
  • Malayalam (India)
  • Marathi (India)
  • Nepali (Nepal)
  • Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
  • Sundanese (Indonesia)
  • Swahili (Tanzania, Kenya)
  • Tamil (India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia)
  • Telugu (India)
  • Urdu (Pakistan, India)

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