The new Google Wallet is rolling out to Android users in 39 countries

The new Google Wallet is rolling out to Android users in 39 countries

During Google I/O 2022, the company announced that it would be deploying a new and improved Google Wallet. Now, the new digital wallet is making its way to Android and Wear OS devices in 39 countries. The new update will replace the existing Google Pay app where applicable.

Times have changed over the years, with a digital wallet being more than just about keeping credit cards on your smartphone. Google Wallet has evolved and is now tasked with holding other valuable information such as IDs, loyalty cards, boarding passes, transit cards, hotel keys, and more. It can offer support for any number of items thanks to Android developers. Since the pandemic, it has even been updated to support vaccine cards. But, when you have so much important information in one place, it’s important to have it protected.


Google Wallet is backed by Android security features like facial recognition or locking it behind a password. Users will also be able to control the data and how it can be accessed. Data that is stored or transmitted using Google Wallet will be protect with encryption. If you choose to connect it to other applications, you can receive data relevant to activities or events that you might be attending. For example, this can include time or reservation changes for flights or whether your transit card has sufficient funds for a trip.

The new and improved Google Wallet… again.

While this update will be currently rolling out to 39 countries, those in the United States, Singapore, and India won’t be able to solely rely just on the Google Wallet app. Instead, those in the previously mentioned regions will have to also use Google Pay if they want to send money to a friend. Of course, those in other parts of the world can just rely on Google Wallet. If interested, you can update your app if you’re currently using Google Pay. If not, you can head to the link below to download and try it.

Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Source: The Verge

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