Google announces new Lock Screen widgets for iOS 16

Google announces new Lock Screen widgets for iOS 16

With the arrival of iOS 16, the new update will bring many new features that users will be able to explore. But perhaps one of the most talked about features is the updated Lock Screen. The new Lock Screen will allow users to personalize the experience with new fonts, widgets, and more. Google has now announced its Lock Screen widgets for iOS 16, featuring its flagship products like Search, Chrome, Drive, Google Maps, and more. Although iOS 16 was released today, Google states that it will roll out these updates in the coming weeks.


google search ios16

Google Search is an extremely useful tool that allows users to search for things online in the blink of an eye. With the new Search widget, users have quicker access to Google Search functionality, enabling typed searches, voice searches, and also utilizing Google Lens. Users will also gain quick access to translations.



Google Chrome iOS 16 widget

Google’s Chrome Lock Screen widget will allow users to initiate a search by typing in a query or using voice to run a search. There will also be quick access buttons to Chrome’s Incognito mode and Google Dino Run game, just in case you get bored.


Google Drive iOS 16 widget

Google Drive will also offer quick access to personal or work files that are stored on the service. The widget will grant users the ability to continue work on a project with a one-tap option, and there will also be suggested file and folder recommendations.

Google Maps

Google Maps on iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets

The Google Maps Lock Screen widget is a little more robust, allowing users to check real-time traffic updates and getting estimated travel times to and from home and work. The widget will also allow instant navigation to restaurants, shops, hotels, and more.


Gmail iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets

The Gmail widget will show how many new messages are in your inbox, or you can get a more detailed look showing how many emails have arrived for each inbox category.

Google News

Google News iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets

With the Google News widgets, users will be treated to real-time headlines. Tapping a headline will bring the article front and center. For the most part, there isn’t anything really groundbreaking here, but it’s nice that iOS 16 users will have widget options when it comes to using Google products. As mentioned before, Google has stated that it will introduce these widgets over the coming weeks.

Source: Google Blog

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