[Update 2: Settlement Checks Sent] Google will pay up to $500 to Pixel owners with defective microphones

[Update 2: Settlement Checks Sent] Google will pay up to $500 to Pixel owners with defective microphones

Update 2 (2/19/20 @ 12:35 PM ET): Checks for the Pixel settlement are now being sent out and owners are beginning to receive them.

Update (8/13/19 @ 9:15 AM ET): The claim period for Google Pixel owners with defective microphones has opened.

The Google Pixel and the Pixel XL were, for the most part, exceptional devices when they launched back in 2016. They were the first devices to mark the death of the Nexus legacy, and also signified a big change of direction for Google in several aspects. Nowadays, they’re still receiving love—they even have Android Q! However, as good as they were, they also had certain flaws going on. One of them being a microphone-related issue—certain Pixel and Pixel XL devices came with defective microphones.


Google acknowledged there was an issue with defective microphones in early 2017, when the company admitted that a number of devices had a “hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec” which, of course, caused issues with calling and Google Assistant functionality. The company first offered to address the issue with a software update but continued to knowingly sell these defective devices, a course of action which, expectedly, earned them a lawsuit from angered customers.

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Now, the lawsuit has allegedly been settled for $7.25 million pending court approval, and Google Pixel device owners affected by this issue could get up to $500. If your device was manufactured before January 4th, 2017, it means that your device is covered by the lawsuit and, therefore, is eligible. According to the proposed settlement, if you returned your defective Pixel/Pixel XL device only to get another defective phone from Google, then you may be eligible to the highest compensation, which is $500. If you only had a single defective device, then you may be eligible for up to $350. Even eligible Pixel owners who didn’t experience any issues at all could get up to $20 from this settlement.

The court hasn’t approved this yet, so you can’t submit a claim just yet. However, you should keep an eye on the case if you want to receive compensation for your defective device.

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Update 1: Settlements Open

The settlement website for the class action lawsuit regarding Google Pixel phones with defective microphones has opened. Owners of the 2016 Pixel and Pixel XL can file a claim and get anywhere from $350-500 in return, depending on the number of defective units they had. People who paid an insurance deductible to replace a phone will get a refund, and even if you had no issues with your Pixel, you can get $20. File a claim at the link below.

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Update 2: Settlement Checks Sent

Pixel owners who filed a claim for the class action lawsuit are starting to receive their settlement checks. Users have reported receiving $20 – $500, depending on the severity of their claim. If you filed a claim and met the qualifications, you should be getting something in the mail soon.

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