For months, Google listed the wrong phone number for its own product advice hotline

For months, Google listed the wrong phone number for its own product advice hotline

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The average person would turn towards Google in the search of any form of information since the information we find on Google search is considered reliable and dependable. But you know it’s not only ironic but also comical when any information on Google’s own products website turns out to incorrect. That’s what happened with a helpline number that Google listed on the product pages for advice on purchases.

Back in May this year, Google launched a hotline using which people could call experts for advice before buying any of its product. The purpose of the helpline for Google is to be able to sell more products by offering personalized tips and suggestions to prospective buyers. However, the purpose remained unfulfilled for three months due to a single-digit typo in the ten-digit hotline number.

While the actual number is (855) 224-6378, it was incorrectly listed as (855) 244-6378. A quick look using the Wayback machine confirms this. Android Police confirms that calling the incorrect number, thankfully, didn’t direct you to any other irrelevant business as the calls simply didn’t go through. The number also appears to have been fixed on most of the product pages for now.

Besides helping users with advice on which smartphone, smart speaker, or smart home device to buy, the helpline is also meant to help users with setting up their Google accounts and downloading apps on their devices. While there’s no technical support available via the helpline, it may help Google to convince more buyers about Google or Nest products, which do not appear to have a very sound presence in the offline retail setting.

There’s no scientific way to determine how many users might Google have strayed away or put off due to this basic error but Google has seen positive growth in terms of its smartphone sales due to the much affordable Pixel 3a.

The helpline is available between 6 AM to 8 PM pacific time, so if you have any query about any Google product you’d want to buy or set up, feel free to call (855) 224-6378 and NOT (855) 244-6378.