YouTube’s Social Features Could Come to YouTube TV and YouTube Music

YouTube’s Social Features Could Come to YouTube TV and YouTube Music

YouTube’s a platform anyone can use to upload, create, and consume video content. Since its launch in 2005, though, it’s slowly evolved into less of a video streaming service and more of a social network. Google’s embraced the transition — over the past few years, it’s added social features to the platform. And it’s getting ready to bring at least a few of those features to clients such as YouTube TV and YouTube Music.

Folks who’ve used YouTube over the years are no doubt familiar with the old comment system. While it was fine for basic discussions and questions about particular videos, its lack of features made it difficult for creators to engage with their communities in deeper ways. In 2016, Google launched the new Community tab, which surfaced content within viewers’ subscription tabs, and as it caught on, Google doubled down on social. In 2017, it announced a new in-app video sharing and messaging service for the YouTube application, which allowed viewers to share content more quickly with each other and friends.


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Until now, YouTube’s in-app messaging, video sharing, and Community features have been relegated to the mobile application, but YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohant told TechCrunch that they might find their way into YouTube TV and YouTube Music in the future.

“People think about YouTube as this place where you play your favorite video content — and of course it is. But really what it is underneath is this kind of community that exists underneath between content creators and fans; and fans and fans,” Mr. Mohan said at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. “We think that magic of YouTube that exists in the main experience can apply to YouTube TV [and YouTube Music] experience as well.”

There’s no timeline for when the new features might hit other YouTube platforms, but here’s hoping they come sooner than later.

Source: TechCrunch

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