Googler shows off a 20x Zoom shot, but it’s not from the Pixel 4

Googler shows off a 20x Zoom shot, but it’s not from the Pixel 4

With the announcement of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ out of the way, people are looking for the next big phone that is of interest to them. There are a number of unannounced smartphones still waiting to be revealed in 2019, with the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL likely at the top of many people’s lists. We’ve already read about, and even seen, some major details of the upcoming smartphone and we know there is going to be a major emphasis on the camera. The front-facing shooter has piqued the interest of many, but a new photo hints at the camera having 20x zoom capabilities.

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The image, embedded below, is a photo taken and uploaded to Claude Zellweger’s Instagram account. Claude Zellweger is currently under the employ of Google after having previously worked as the VP of Design at HTC’s Vive division. He’s currently working on creating “radically useful” features for both Daydream as well as Made by Google products. The post seems innocent enough at first as it only had the text “Light + Shadow #googleIDstudio” attached to the image but later we learned from Zellweger himself that it was taken with a Pixel smartphone using a 20x zoom feature.

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Light + Shadow #googleIDstudio

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People, of course, speculated that this photo was a way for the company to tease its upcoming Pixel 4 without giving away too much detail. Unfortunately, after Zellweger first vague reply, he later admitted the photo was taken with the Pixel 3a, not the Pixel 4. And it wasn’t really a 20x zoom, only a 10x zoom photo cropped in. However, Google is well known for utilizing software over hardware (whenever it makes sense) so this enhanced digital zoom feature could debut on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL and make its way to the older generations as well.

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