Google’s support library for developers, AndroidX, is available on AOSP

Google’s support library for developers, AndroidX, is available on AOSP

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Google announced AndroidX as a part of Android Jetpack at Google I/O 2018. This redesign of the Android Support Library helps developers build apps with wide compatibility on different versions of Android. Google decided to make AndroidX open-source. It’s available on Android Open-Source Project (a.k.a. AOSP) starting today.

The Android Framework Team announced the news via Reddit’s /r/AndroidDev subreddit. From now on, most of the changes planned for AndroidX will be available on the public AOSP Gerrit review tool and a public git repository. This kind of transparency will help both developers and interested users better know what to look forward to.

Like many open-source projects, you can also help make AndroidX better. Here is the file, which will give you an idea of how you can contribute to the project. The team also confirmed on Reddit that they’re getting close to the stable release of AndroidX. Currently, it’s in the beta stage, so using it may not be the best experience for all.

A blog post with more details about the now open-sourced AndroidX will be coming in a few days. It looks like the Android Framework Team just couldn’t wait to let us know about the update before it became official. As we are all lovers of open-source projects and technologies at XDA, we definitely welcome this decision by Google. We think that most of the developers will be happy with the update, too, as they can now take a closer look to upcoming features, contribute to the project, help improve it, track down issues, and more. We’ll make sure to let you know when the official article will be published on the Android Developers website.

Source: /r/AndroidDev