Google’s Andromeda to Launch on Pixel 3 Laptop and Huawei Nexus Tablet in 2017

Google’s Andromeda to Launch on Pixel 3 Laptop and Huawei Nexus Tablet in 2017

News for Andromeda, Google’s Android-Chrome OS hybrid, keeps trickling in, and we aren’t complaining in the slightest. While earlier reports came in to confirm the existence of Andromeda and the possibility of it being tested on the Nexus 9, new reports point to the existence of hardware like a laptop and a tablet, made for the purpose of launching Andromeda.

Android Police reports that Google is planning to release a new Pixel branded laptop in Q3 2017. This device is nicknamed the “Pixel 3” with its internal codename being “Bison”. The device is touted to be the hardware that shows off Google’s Andromeda, which in turn is the product of years of efforts of the Pixel team, and Google’s Android and Chrome OS teams. Android Police notes that the Bison will not be marketed as a Chromebook, and the device is also separate from Google’s efforts to bring Android apps to Chrome OS through ARC. Instead, what Bison will be is part of a larger initiative to merge Chrome OS features into Android.

Android Police also has some specifications and pricing info for the Bison, but as this information is practically a year before the device goes to launch, these can change by the time the device becomes official. The Bison is tipped to be sporting a 12.3″ display with an ultra-thin body, and there’s likely to be a “tablet mode” so the device will have hardware features to disable, remove or move aside the physical keyboard. Specs suggest an Intel m3 or i5 Core processor, 32GB/128GB of storage and 8GB/16GB of RAM. The laptop will also have a fingerprint scanner, two USB Type C ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, stereo speakers and quad mics and stylus support (though stylus is not included and will be sold separately). The keyboard will be backlit and the glass trackpad will use haptic and force detection. The pricing of the Bison is expected to start at $799.

A lot of what Android Police reported is being backed up by 9to5Google‘s sources. They do confirm the existence of an Andromeda-based laptop, but were unable to comment on the specifics of the device.

We can’t independently confirm any of these ‘Pixel 3’ details, but one of our sources corroborates the main idea here: “Pixel, but targeting MacBook Pro users.”

- 9to5Google

The new information that they do add on is the existence of another device in the Andromeda lineup. This one is a tablet, and it’s made by Huawei…and it is being called a Nexus instead of a Pixel. The sources and evidence point to the Huawei Nexus being the same tablet that Evan Blass aka @evleaks talked about earlier. Unfortunately, 9to5Google does not have information on the hardware itself or its availability, so we have to go on Evan’s record (which is impressive actually) that the device is a 7″ tablet with 4GB of RAM, and which will be released by the end of the year.

Another point to note, while Google is said to be testing Andromeda on the Nexus 9, it is doing so because “of hardware constraints and availability”. Andromeda will not release publicly on the Nexus 9, in case you took the other news too positively. The hardware availability might also signal that the Huawei Nexus may not still be on the same schedule as Evan had posted. We will have to wait and watch for more information on the same.

With the new information flowing in, one thing is for sure — the Nexus brand is not dead. Yet. It might just evolve into a different form.

Are you excited about the new upcoming Pixel 3 laptop and the Huawei Nexus tablet? How do you feel about these devices running Andromeda instead of Android? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Android Police

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