Google’s working on workspace support and tablet-view in Chrome OS

Google’s working on workspace support and tablet-view in Chrome OS

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The Pixel Slate, which was announced last month, is finally available for purchase. There have been other Chrome OS devices that utilize the platforms “tablet mode” feature. However, many were hoping for things to get better with Google’s own Chrome OS tablet. Unfortunately, many have expressed the same complaints about the software which is attempting to accommodate both a laptop and a tablet form factor. Google is aware of some of Chrome OS’ biggest software shortcomings and we have learned that two heavily requested features are in the pipeline.

Chromebooks are popular among children and the school system due to their inexpensive price, but Google (and other OEMs) have been working on adding premium devices to the market. With this comes the desire to get Chromebooks in the enterprise market, but workspace support (virtual desktops) have yet to be added to Chrome OS. Kan Liu is the Senior Product Manager for Chrome OS and Android Police was able to speak to him about this missing feature. While he was not able to give an exact timeframe, he was able to confirm that they are aware that the feature is needed and it is “on the roadmap” for Chrome OS.

As more companies are set to release tablets running Chrome OS, the lack of a tablet-view feature in Chrome has left people annoyed to say the least. On larger screen devices there are responsive websites that just aren’t optimized for a touchscreen as an input device. Responsive websites are designed to deal with this by detecting the screen size of the device, but some websites aren’t detecting devices like Chrome OS tablets. This leads to small text, tough to tap links, and a UI that is just inconvenient for the device.

Again, Kan Liu has stepped in and said the Chrome OS team is aware of this and has confirmed that “in the upcoming release” they will be introducing a “request tablet site” feature in Chrome. We weren’t given a date as to when this feature would roll out to users but the use of the word “upcoming” makes it seem like it will be coming soon.

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