Google’s Upcoming Pixel Launcher Available for Download Unofficially

Google’s Upcoming Pixel Launcher Available for Download Unofficially

We certainly can’t wait to get some more information — practically anything — of the upcoming Pixel devices. With not one, but two, top of the line phones, along with Google’s renewed focus on hardware, the stage is all set to see what the future holds for Android, AOSP, Nexus, Pixel and all other connected environments. We’re in for some important changes from the routine that was once Nexus, so we are excited to see what path is chosen.

The latest news that is coming in, comes in from XDA Recognized Contributor LlabTooFeR‘s Twitter handle. LlabTooFer has been a reliable source of leaks and information related to HTC devices, and now he also has some more information on the HTC-made Pixel.

For starters, he mentions that the launcher found on the upcoming Pixel devices will not be the Nexus Launcher that was leaked a while ago. Instead, it is renamed to Pixel Launcher, which in hindsight, makes a lot of sense.

Next up, he has posted a few screenshots of the launcher:

And if you thought you would have to end the day by being content with just a few screenshots, he does have a goodie in store. Shortly after the screenshots were posted, he did offer the installation apk of the Pixel Launcher. Unfortunately, even though we caught it early on, the server crashed before we could download the apk. We will update the post as soon as we have the apk from the official source and have it mirrored.

Update: Mirror link for those wanting the APK.

There’s still around three more weeks to go for the Pixel to go official, but for now, the launcher should quench our thirst. We hope to lay our hands on to more stuff before the devices are released.

Have you tried the Pixel Launcher? How do you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

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