Grace UX ROM for the Galaxy Note 5

Grace UX ROM for the Galaxy Note 5

So as we all know the Galaxy Note 7 is right around the corner and if you’re curious about the software we might get on the final product, you can try out the Grace UX ROM on your Galaxy Note 5. This ROM is designed with Note 7 features in mind. Zach takes us on a tour of the ROM in this new XDA TV video.


So this is Grace UI/UX and right here it’s running on a t-mobile Galaxy Note 5. It’s a ROM that can easily be flashed to your device and has a lot of really cool features.

The Icons


The new icon set is featured in this ROM, so you’ll have all of the awesome new Samsung icons to make your device look a little better. Also, don’t forget about Samsung’s new theme store where you can get a new icon pack if you’re not a fan of stock.




When you open a folder of icons, you’ll notice the ugly background has been removed and you’re left with a much improved look.

App Drawer


Just like the folders, similar changes have been made to the background of the app drawer. You’ll be greeted with a blur effect on your current wallpaper to give your system a much cleaner look. If you look up at the top of the app drawer you’ll see a useful little search bar to help you find your apps.

Notification Menu


The notification menu has been updated to resemble the bar that comes in Android Nougat. Definitely an upgrade. The notification bar also has a device search feature under the brightness slider.

Blue Light Filter


Use the blue light filter to adjust your screen to make it easier on the eyes. This comes in handy at night, so use the custom timer to schedule times to automatically adjust your screen.

These are some of the coolest features in the Grace UX ROM. Download it for yourself using the link below.

[UX BETA3] System Dump and Stock Original rom

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