Gratus is a New App By Francisco Franco That’s Designed to Bring a Little Happiness To Your Day

Gratus is a New App By Francisco Franco That’s Designed to Bring a Little Happiness To Your Day

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Francisco Franco, the XDA Recognized Developer behind projects such as Franco Kernel, has launched a new app aimed at encouraging users to create notes of both everyday events and the special things that we are grateful for, in order to help promote positive feelings.

The free app comes with bright and cheerful Material Design inspired UI and it is intended to allow users to jot down the moments that mean the most to them. What you do with these moments once they are in the app is up to you, though Franco has added options to keep random “grateful notes” as a persistent notification with options for changing the length of time before the note changes. Alternatively, for those of us who prefer a clean notification tray, the notes can be kept on your homescreen via the included resizeable widget. If neither of these sound appealing to you then the app will simply collect your memories, storing them in a series of cards for your later perusal. The in app options also allow for a daily alert to be set at a time of your choosing, which will remind you of your entries and those things you were most grateful for during the day.

During my time with the app I came to see it in a similar light to some of the diary apps from the Play Store, but the brevity of the notes leaves you with a feed of succinct positive memories. As such, many users may feel uncomfortable with the idea of having personal thoughts and images stored in an easily accessible app. Thankfully, Franco has already considered this and the app can be secured from prying eyes with a pin or via your fingerprint sensor. We know that in a future update Franco intends to implement backups for your notes and photos using GDrive (or similar) for those of use who like to swap ROMs frequently, but until this update the app will use Android’s default back-up system.

Would I continue using the app? As with many of the apps I use, I much prefer the concept and development quality rather than the day to day usage. In a similar manner to other diary apps and other similar apps I quickly realized that I am probably not the intended demographic, and often find myself forgetting to add notes or photos. That being said, the app has been designed and built wonderfully and it is well worth the download. If you find that you enjoy the app and would like to support the development further, then you can unlock all the premium features for a one-off IAP.

Franco has also opened a new thread in our forums here at XDA for Gratus, if you have any questions or feedback about the app you can easily start a conversation with other users or the dev himself.

Visit the thread