GravityBox Makes Massive Return to Lollipop

GravityBox Makes Massive Return to Lollipop

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If you are an Xposed user, you know about GravityBox. There’s just no way around it, as it is the single biggest tweak box we’ve seen on the platform. While its compatibility was mostly limited to stock ROMs, many others could enjoy it in some way or another. For those unable to run it, there were alternatives like Wanam which are undoubtedly amazing as well, but they always fell short. GravityBox offered all sorts of new functionality and customization options, from entirely new features built from the ground up to a wide array of theming options and sound settings. GravityBox was most probably one of the reasons many simply refused to jump ship to Lollipop when the new OS version was released, and many loyal users simply couldn’t give it away. Then Xposed for Lollipop came…

But to everyone’s disappointment, GravityBox for Lollipop was simply not doable. And this is entirely understandable, given that Xposed creator rovo89 warned us all that the modules that would mess with system resources would most likely need revision. And messing with system resources is almost the entirety of GravityBox, as it is primarily a tweak to make your ROM as fancy as the custom ROMs flying around. So just like we used to have a JellyBean version of the module before KitKat, we were once again left with an outdate module; and this one needed quite the revision to get it running again. GravityBox developer and XDA Recognized Contributor C3C076 kept his thread – and users – up to date with the development, with frequent coding marathons of up to 12 hours and a loose route plan where he told us he’d work hard to get a first version ASAP, albeit with missing functionality. The more complex features that need entire rebuilding would be scheduled for later.

Today is a good day, for GravityBox for Lollipop hit our forums and is making itself ready for download. The application is quite complete for an alpha release, but keep in mind that since both this and Xposed for Lollipop itself are in their early stages, some functionality might not work or there might be unexpected errors. This is to be expected, but given C3C076’s track record we are sure there won’t be too many hassles with his module.

Notable features that made it in include CM Pie Controls, Extended Desktop, Quick Settings tile management, statusbar brightness control and various theming options for it, navigation bar tweaks, LED settings, advanced power menu, additional volume key functionality, clear-all button in recents, lockscreen mods, notification drawer theming, screen recording, per-app notification controls and a few more. Missing features listed include quick settings (not tiles) management, lockscreen wallpaper changing, volume panel features (extensions and linking), and some others that are obsolete in Lollipop.

We hope you enjoy what is most likely going to be one of your favorite modifications you can install on Lollipop, and please read the thread before proceeding to get a feel of the feedback and figure out if there’s anything important you need to keep in mind. For now we suggest you flash with caution and remember to make a backup.

Happy flashing and have fun!