Nougat-Ready GravityBox v7 Xposed Module Now Available!

Nougat-Ready GravityBox v7 Xposed Module Now Available!

With the sudden yet incomplete and unofficial return of Xposed via abforce’s ART submodule, developers and enthusiasts alike began exploring the possibilities that the popular modding framework can bring in 2017. While we are still waiting for rovo89’s full Xposed release (and all the benefits that entails), the recent solution sparked life into the Xposed XDA forums once more, and now we are seeing the return of a sought-after module: GravityBox.

If you have ever used Xposed before, you probably already know about GravityBox. It has been one of the single biggest tweak boxes available for Xposed, with wide compatibility and tons of functionality as well as customization potential. Theming options, sound settings, custom animations, the ability to tweak the behavior of various UI elements, adding useful information displays throughout your ROM — GravityBox has had a long feature list, to the point where many thought it devalued custom ROMs as it’d allowed users to pick-and-choose their favorite tweaks, and let them set them up just right in their favorite ROM base. GravityBox has been one of the few single mods that can keep users from updating their devices or otherwise moving away from Xposed, and the hype surrounding its return to Lollipop and Marshmallow showed how important it is for many enthusiasts.


XDA Recognized Contributor C3C076 worked his magic once more, and he has now brought GravityBox for Android Nougat ROMs. He warns users that the module has been developed and tested on an unofficial version of Xposed which has bugs itself. There are also various features that are missing from this release, either because they require additional work, or because they are now part of AOSP. For example, the fingerprint launcher still needs additional work, and launcher tweaks won’t be added back. The ability to add a clear all recents trigger is also not present given this is now featured in Android by default. GravityBox also doesn’t provide its old quicksettings tile reordering interface anymore, though it allows you to enable or disable specific files. You can check out the full migration history at the GravityBox github. The feature highlights for this release include:

  • Lockscreen tweaks
  • QuickSettings tile management with additional tiles
  • Statusbar tweaks
  • Navigation bar tweaks
  • Pie controls
  • Power tweaks
  • Display tweaks
  • Phone tweaks
  • Media tweaks
  • Hardware/navigation key actions
  • GravityBox Actions – interface for 3rd party apps

In case you’ve forgotten, GravityBox is designed for and tested on ROMs close enough to AOSP, and it should run on any device having a vanilla Android ROM or one that hasn’t seen thorough modifications. GravityBox for Nougat, specifically, has been designed and tested on the Nexus 5 (AOSP 7.0 & 7.1, AOSPA 7.2) and the OnePlus 3T (OxygenOS 4.1.6). OEM ROMs like TouchWiz, Sense, MIUI, LeWa, Xperia, and Lenovo’s VibeUI are not supported and your mileage may vary — be careful and cautious if you think the feature you want to enable will conflict with your ROM. If you have any questions or doubts regarding compatibility, make sure to search the XDA thread before asking, and read the opening post in full. If you experience bugs, please help out by providing detailed info and a log.

Check out GravityBox by following the link to the thread where you’ll find more information and the APK download.

Are you excited to try out GravityBox on a Nougat ROM? Let us know in the comments!

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