GravityBox Xposed Module Updated with Android Nougat Support

GravityBox Xposed Module Updated with Android Nougat Support

GravityBox is the pinnacle of what defines Xposed on Android. With tweaks for everything imaginable, it’s hard not to be drawn to it. If you’ve ever used a Resurrection Remix ROM, it’s similar in its potential, but in a modular form which can be installed or uninstalled at will.  The options available to the user are near endless with likely over 100 options in total, and now it’s been released for Xposed v88, or Xposed for Android Nougat. To get an idea of some of its features, look below, or browse through the photo gallery!

Lockscreen Tweaks in GravityBox

This is exactly what the name suggests, just lots and lots of changes you can make to your lock screen. These include lock screen rotation, custom shortcuts, quick unlock and more.

Status Bar Tweaks in GravityBox

One of the largest sections of the module, you can customise QuickSettings, status bar colors, battery settings, notifications, clock, progress bars and more here. If you wish to enable a data traffic monitor, you can also do that here.

Navigation Bar Tweaks in GravityBox

With the options available to tweak your navbar, you won’t feel let down. Being able to swap keys, customise existing ones and even adding a custom fade away, there’s something here for everyone.

Pie Controls in GravityBox

Everyone’s favourite Paranoid Android feature is back, available to use in other Android Nougat based ROMs! Swiping in from any side you define, you can access some device information and the back, home and multitasking buttons. No need to enable on screen buttons at all!

Miscellaneous Tweaks in GravityBox

In the other primary section there are a lot of features to play around with. With charging sounds, LED controls, screen recording, smart radio, button backlight volume key controls and a whole lot more, you’ll never be stuck for choice.

You can find the module on our forums, or simply click the button below. As mentioned you’ll need Xposed, but many would deem the hassle of installing Xposed worth it just to get access to  GravityBox.

GravityBox for Android Nougat

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