GTA III Android Mods And Tutorials

GTA III Android Mods And Tutorials

If you’ve ever played games on a PC, you’ve probably heard of the massive Grand Theft Auto open-world games. GTA III, released ten years ago, was the first in the series to feature 3D graphics, and was recently released for both Android and iOS. Since it’s not rewritten from the ground up for mobile devices, but rather just a straight port of the PC version, many of the mods, which can change the appearance of the game’s objects such as cars (seen on the picture) and buildings, still work.

The process, however, isn’t really straightforward, so forum member ThexJoker has written a small tutorial which explains which files you need to modify. There’s also some similar discussion going on in this thread.


People have also created car mods and enhanced the graphics (here and here), so give these a spin if you have read the previously mentioned tutorial. And, of course, share your own mods with the community.

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