Guide: How to Give Constructive Feedback to Developers

Guide: How to Give Constructive Feedback to Developers

Surely you have noticed we always put emphasis on leaving feedback for developers as this is the most important way for them to know what the problems are or what users want to see on the next version of their applications. In a few words, feedback is the communication channel!, However, sometimes we just download the application and in the best case say “thank you”. XDA member joe_coolish wrote a good guide to leave constructive feed back to developers, those amazing people whose work is the reason why we enjoy good, stable apps in our devices.
This is guide does not intended for you to follow exactly, but the suggestions will give you great tips to leave comments that developers will appreciate more, as your comments will be chuck full of useful information for them. It is pretty much common sense, but we believe is important to be noticed.
Step in, don´t be lazy, and try reading all the information on the original thread.


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[GUIDE] How to give constructive feedback to developers

In the world of software development, applications pass through many phases before being released, some of which include designing, planning, coding, testing, Alpha Release, Beta Release, Release Candidate, and finally Release. This guide is intended to help the people involved in public/private beta tests that do not have experience programming, but would like to give valuable feedback to the developer.

This guide is specific to programming for the Windows Mobile Operating System, specifically for the .net Compact Framework 3.5. However, the main concepts should translate over to other platforms and frameworks.

In the beginning…
First off, programming is hard. Building applications that run smoothly and are bug free require considerable amounts of time and energy. In short, software development is an emotional investment on behalf of the developer.

Because software development is an emotional investment, developers will easily take offense to criticism. This is where rule number one of giving constructive feedback comes in:

Rule number #1, When Giving feedback, be polite!

During my time on XDA-Developers I’ve been very happy with level of professionalism demonstrated by its members, but every once in a while I’ll see a comment like, “This app sux!” or “Eff Dat shiz!”.

Always remember, rude comments only distract other users, cause contention, and cause the developer to become less motivated (less emotionally involved) to produce software. If the application is not working on your device, remember the developer is the first person who will be able and willing to help you resolve your problem, so they should be the last person you want to offend.

You can find the rest of the guide in the original thread.

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