Guiz Brings Google Fight to Android in Game Form

Guiz Brings Google Fight to Android in Game Form

Remember the popular website Google Fight, which would let you pit two search terms against each other in order to determine which one is more popular? Now, wouldn’t it be great to have this in game form on your Android device? Thanks to XDA forum member nomoral, this is now a possibility with Guiz. With this app, you are presented with two search terms, and you have to predict which will win in a no-holds-barred Google Fight match-up.

In the words of the developer:

i just published my first android app.
its a quiz, you get two words, for example “Madonna” and “Bill Gates” and you have to guess what gets more search results on google.

for now its free, but in the future i will be charging for it.
so this is the chance to get it for free 

Continue on to the game thread to get started.

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