Hands-on with the new and improved Samsung Galaxy Fold [Video]

Hands-on with the new and improved Samsung Galaxy Fold [Video]

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If you’ve been following tech news in the last few months you’ve undoubtedly heard about the Samsung Galaxy Fold saga. The first truly foldable phone that was supposed to come to market has had a rocky start. Our article about the situation has a whopping 16 updates, to give you an idea of how crazy it has been. The good news is the situation has been somewhat resolved and the Galaxy Fold has been “fixed.”

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Samsung is showing off the new and improved Galaxy Fold at IFA and Pocketnow’s Jaime Rivera got a chance to check it out. There are a few not super noticeable changes that Samsung made to resolve the durability issues. The gap between the hinge and folding panels on the back has been reduced to prevent debris from getting inside. There are also new “caps” at the bottom and top of that cover the hinge area under the display when opened.

One of the biggest changes with the improved Galaxy Fold is with the protective film, which people wrongly removed in the previous version. The film now goes under the bezels so you can’t see the edge. Samsung also added layers of metal under the display to make it feel sturdier, and the hinge, in general, feels more solid. Will all of these fixes hold up better over time? Only time will tell.