Hands-on with RhinoShield CrashGuard and SolidSuit Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+

Hands-on with RhinoShield CrashGuard and SolidSuit Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+

Our good friends at RhinoShield sent us a few of their pre-production cases for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+. While they expect the final versions of these to be done by the end of March, the fittings are final and we got to try them out.

In the final versions you can expect these changes:

  • The clickiness of the buttons will be adjusted.
  • Texture will be added to the sides of the cases, adding more grip.
  • The glossy inner coating will be replaced with a matte black coating.


The CrashGuard Bumpers will be available in White, Blush Pink, and Black.

The CrashGuard bumpers are $24.99 and act as an ultra light and minimal solution for impact protection. These cases fit very snug around the Galaxy S10 and S10+. The bumper is a tight fit and curves around the edges of the phone to fit the contours.


For being such a minimal case, the CrashGuard offers an impressive 11 feet of impact protection. The snug fit of the bumper will ensure that your phone doesn’t pop out, even when you drop it. You can also rest easy knowing that your bumper will not become loose over time, like many other bumpers on the market.

The CrashGuard bumpers for the Galaxy S10 and S10+ that are shown above are not the final version of the bumper design. Some changes will be made before they are ready for production.


The SolidSuit Cases will be available in Classic Black, Classic White, Carbon Fiber, Leather and over 70 Print Designs.

The SolidSuit cases for Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ offer a full-body protective solution starting at $29.99. There are four different design options for the Galaxy S10 and S10+ including Classic Black, Classic White, Carbon Fiber, Leather and over 70 custom print designs. These cases are a single-piece shell that is made up of RhinoShield’s signature ShockSpread honeycomb design.

These cases are light and made with plastic that is soft to the touch, but offers a grippy feel when you’re holding it. All of the ports are perfectly aligned, including the oversized charging port which can fit larger adapters in it.

For screen protectors, you’ll have the option of an Impact Flex Protector. The Impact Flex Protector is a special reformulation of Rhinoshield’s signature impact protection film. Engineered to be flexible and ultra thin, it is able to wrap around the curved edges of your phone for a more seamless feel. The specially-designed shock-damping material is able to take about 4 times the impact energy of Gorilla Glass 3, and is little more than one sheet of printer paper thick. It has an oleophobic coating that resists fingerprints and smudges. The no-residue adhesive ensures your protector stays on, but is repositionable just in case you do not stick it perfectly the first time. It also works with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor found on the Galaxy S10 and S10+

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