Hands on with the Honor 8 Pro

Hands on with the Honor 8 Pro

The Honor 8 Pro is the hottest phone from Huawei right now, building on the success of the popular Honor 8 from 2016. This phone brings some awesome improvements, most notably a bigger screen with a 2K resolution. Check out the video to see our thoughts on the device.


The Honor 8 Pro brings back the dual lens setup from the Honor 8. While the photo quality is basically the same, the video resolution has been bumped up to 4k.

The dual lens setup enables new camera effects like the wide aperture mode shown in this photo.

The camera now shoots in 4k resolution for super high quality videos.


The higher resolution 2k display is a big improvement in this device. Photos and videos are noticeably better, along with the entire UI of the phone.

The Honor 8 Pro has a large 5.7″ display with 1440×2560 pixels.

The 515 ppi pixel density eliminates any visible pixels on the display.


The Honor 8 Pro really focuses on performance. It’s surprisingly fast and effortlessly handles running tons of apps at once.

The Honor 8 Pro is a performance beast with huge scores on every benchmark we ran it through.

The Kirin 960 paired with 6GB of RAM makes this phone blazing fast.

Color Options

This device comes in three different colors for your to choose from. The one we reviewed in this video is the black version, which looks really slick.

The Honor 8 Pro comes in black, blue and gold color options.

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