Hands On with the Huawei P10

Hands On with the Huawei P10

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Today we have a hands on video with the Huawei P10. For the most part, this phone is a smaller version of the Mate 9 that Huawei put out late last year. This is a small 5.1 inch phone with a really good metal body and design. You can expect to find the latest version of EMUI version running on this device. There are a couple unique EMUI features that make this phone stand out from the others in Huawei’s lineup as well, so check out the video to see them in action.

The Huawei P10 lacks an oleophobic coating which is normally standard in smartphones. This causes fingerprints to show up more than usual. Make sure you leave that stock screen protector on.

The dual back facing cameras are the main feature of this phone. Initial tests show impressive photos. We will have a comparison video with the Pixel up soon.

Check out the XDA forums for the Huawei P10 here.