Hangouts Meet v4.5 Gains In-Call Instant Messaging

Hangouts Meet v4.5 Gains In-Call Instant Messaging

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Hangouts Meet, the video/audio-calling service that Google launched in March, has finally gained support for in-call messaging.

There’s previously been no other way to communicate with members of a chat in a text-based manner, so this added functionality should prove to be quite useful for sharing links, chiming in with a comment while someone else is talking, etc.

The added chat functionality can easily be accessed through a new icon within Hangouts Meet, and the history of a chat will be saved for the duration of a meeting/call. Google says that the new chat option is available for users of Hangouts Meet on all platforms as long as you’re running version 4.5 and above, and this feature will even be available to those in a Hangouts Meet call that aren’t logged into their Google Account.

While Hangouts Meet’s chat features are a welcome addition, it begs the question as to when we’ll finally get our hands on Hangouts Chat (Google’s alternative to Slack). Updates on Chat have been very few and far between since the announcement of the two services, so hopefully Meet’s chatting addition is a sign that Chat will be here sooner rather than later.

Source: Google