HappyID Shows You Contact Notes When You Need Them the Most

HappyID Shows You Contact Notes When You Need Them the Most

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With the ease of meeting people and adding contacts to your smartphones today, you might have found yourself in a situation where you just couldn’t remember who that “John Smith” in your contacts list was. Was it your classmate, that guy your friend introduced you to once, or someone else entirely? Thankfully, contact notes exist to solve just that problem … except they actually aren’t very useful by default and aren’t shown when they matter the most: when you receive a call.

This is the issue XDA Senior Member nikanorov noticed and decided to fix with his app. Originally called Call Notes Pro, it is now known as HappyID and is offered for free, without advertisements, to everyone.

HappyID’s main goal is to show you your contacts’ notes on your screen when they call you, but it offers several options to make itself as useful as possible; you can pick which fields are shown in addition to the contact’s note field, including the company they work at, their title, birthday, when they last called and more. You can also reorder these fields so that the ones you’re interested in the most show up at the top.

HappyID: call screen HappyID: call screen HappyID: fields selection
In addition to that, HappyID lets you easily add and edit contact notes directly from its “Notes” tab. The editing feature also comes with a handy shortcut to insert today’s date, which makes keeping constant notes of your conversations with a contact much handier. HappyID also comes with several customization options, such as showing you a temporary notification after the call has ended for quick notes, enabling Android Wear support or changing the appearance of the toast. You can even sync all your notes with your Evernote account, letting you access them from all your devices.

HappyID: notes HappyID: settings
HappyID is completely free and has no advertisements! To find more about this app and start using it, make sure to visit the HappyID Forum Thread!

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