Get the incredible Harman Kardon Enchant 800 soundbar for 60% off at Crutchfield

Get the incredible Harman Kardon Enchant 800 soundbar for 60% off at Crutchfield

Not all of us live in a situation that allows for big, bombastic audio systems. You may be like me, and rent a small room and simply don’t have the space to set something up. Maybe you have a place to yourself, but you also share a wall or two with another tenant, and a loud sound system isn’t going to make them happy. If you’re in a position like that, then you can still get yourself some quality audio with a soundbar… and it just so happens that the Harman Kardon Enchant 800 is on sale at Crutchfield.

Why pick the Harman Kardon Enchant 800 over competing soundbars? Well, based on the Crutchfield user ratings, of course! Soundbars are great, but everyone knows that anything audio related can run into finicky issues depending on what you’re hooking it up to. It feels like my audiophile friend always has some issue to oddity to work with in his sound system (or someone else’s sound system). However, the customer reviews praise both the Enchant 800’s set of setup and its sound quality. Harman itself is a quality company too, with the company’s audio work featuring in some of the best tech of 2020.


The only major complaint is that sometimes the bass is a little low. However, that’s either something you want limited anyway because of your living arrangement or solved by picking up the Harman subwoofer, which is nice and compact.

But all and all, this is a quality soundbar–give the specs a look for yourself! Normally $700, this soundbar is a whopping 60% off too, bringing the total down to just $280. If you’re not familiar with Crutchfield, have no fear, as you’ll also get free shipping! For me in Florida, it’s three-day shipping, but the times may change depending on your location.

    Want great audio but don't have the space for a home theater set-up? The Enchant 800 soundbar will be the next best thing! It is currently 60% off at Crutchfield, bringing the quality soundbar down to just $280.

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