Have You Seen an Increase in Android Battery Life in Recent Years?

Have You Seen an Increase in Android Battery Life in Recent Years?

Battery life on Android continues to remain one of those areas where we can see a lot of change, both on and off the spec sheet. It is a product of complex interactions between battery capacity, consumption and efficiency of other hardware as well as the user’s personal use case.

So it is not surprising to see that while battery sizes and densities have increased over the years, battery usage has increased disproportionally as well. Smartphones of the past like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the LG G2 were known for their stellar battery performance, in many ways still unmatched today. These days, we see some OEMs trying out off-beaten paths with oversized battery phones sporting upwards of 4,000mAh, but not being the best elsewhere. On the other hand, several flagships continue to compromise on the battery department in lieu of aesthetics and marketability. So we ask you,

Have you personally seen an increase in Android battery life over the years? Is there any perceptible overall improvement, or are you getting similar results to what you saw in previous years? Which smartphone delivered the most amazing battery life to you? Which was the worst? Has there been any changes in your use cases for better or worse?

Let us know in the comments below!

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