HD2 Running on Gingerbread!

HD2 Running on Gingerbread!

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Thanks to a tip by XDA forum moderator krook6023, we found out that the Goliath of all WM phones, the HD2 (aka Leo) has a working port of Gingerbread, courtesy of XDA member DarkStone1337.  The message is very concise and to the point:

I’ve done it.

However, due to his personal life, DarkStone will not be releasing builds, but rather pass down the knowledge to others to ensure that his time does not go to waste.

Like I said in other threads, I won’t be updating/releasing builds anymore due to time constraints. So I’ll share the change,

basically @ mjeeday, phiredrop, motoman, others who want to make the build work…

We are bound to see this kind of development popping out all over the site within the next few days, so make sure that you tune in with us if you are curious to see if your device will have a Gingerbread port or not. If you are interested in reading a bit on this new and fascinating development, check out the original thread.

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