hdSpeedo updated to v0.7.3

hdSpeedo updated to v0.7.3

You can give another use to your GPS device with this speed accelerometer. If you want to know what your actual speed is while moving, member MrRalphMan has just updated hdSpeedo to version 0.7.3.

Presented in a simple User Interface which includes compas, day and night colour schemes, and changing background colours.
Works in both landscape and portrait mode, .NET Compact Framework 3.5 must be installed on your device.

Originally posted by MrRalphMan

Here is the next release of hdSpeedo.
It has been tested on a HTC Touch HD and Diamond, but should work on any WM device with a GPS feed.

New Features

  • Journey stats saved in /My Documents/hdSpeedo
  • Tidied up the /My Documents/hdSpeedo folder.
  • Error logging to file
  • Display of Max speed. This swaps every 15 secs with the AVG speed

Planned Features

  • Looking at making the application skinnable

Bug Tracking

  • None noted at the moment

For more information and the download continue on to the application thread.

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