Here’s How You Can Buy the Galaxy Note Fan Edition

Here’s How You Can Buy the Galaxy Note Fan Edition

Earlier this week, Samsung officially launched the Galaxy Note Fan Edition over in South Korea. The Note Fan Edition (also referred to as the Note FE) is Samsung’s way of refurbishing leftover Note 7 components, decreasing the size of the battery so there’s (hopefully) no explosions this time around, and selling the handsets to consumers who are still heartbroken over the the death of last year’s Note flagship.

The Note Fan Edition looks identical to last year’s Note 7, and while most of the specs are the same, there is a slightly smaller battery (3,200 mAh compared to 3,500 mAh) and an upgrade to the Galaxy S8/S8+’s software – including the new user interface, Bixby, etc.


Samsung is currently only releasing 400,000 units of the Note FE in South Korea, and while the company has said that it’ll consider expanding to other markets later on down the road, you can still purchase the handset outside of South Korea right now.

Here’s how to do it.


Right now, your best bet for getting the Galaxy Note Fan Edition is through eBay. eBay is home to millions of phones, tablets, and other gadgets, and plenty of people that have already gotten their hands on the FE are eager to sell them to folks that are willing to pay for the price of admission.

There are a few listings for the Note FE on eBay, and prices currently range from around $829 and $849. Shipping appears to be free for most/all of the Note FE’s being sold, but you’ll want to act fast as quantities are limited.

Google Shopping

If you type in, “Galaxy Note Fan Edition” or, “Galaxy Note FE” into Google and then head over to the, “Shopping” tab, this is where you’ll see any listings for the phone that have been posted online. Google Shopping currently only shows Note FE’s being sold through eBay, but as time goes on, we should see more and more sellers pop up within these searches.

Keep searching

Although eBay and Google Shopping are the only two places to get the Galaxy Note FE at this time, we should hopefully see the phone expand to other sites and markets as time goes on. However, if you need to get a Fan Edition in your hands right this very second, these are currently your two best bets.

Get The Galaxy Note FE on eBay Get the Galaxy Note FE on Google Shopping

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