‘Hey Google’ Command is Now Slowly Rolling Out to Users in the Google App

‘Hey Google’ Command is Now Slowly Rolling Out to Users in the Google App

Waking up Google’s voice search by voice isn’t a new feature; it was first released in 2013. At that time, Google heavily promoted the ‘OK Google’ wake command, even to the extent of displaying ‘Try OK Google’ in the persistent search bar on the homescreen of the AOSP Launcher in Android 4.4 KitKat. The OK Google command was reused on Android to wake up the Google Assistant when it was released last year, but Google did add a new ‘Hey Google’ wake command which could be used on the new Google Home to wake up the Assistant.

On Android, however, ‘OK Google’ remained the only option until recently, as reports have started surfacing that the ‘Hey Google’ command is now slowly rolling out to users in the Google app.

To recap, we first reported the existence of the ‘Hey Google’ command in the APK of the Google app we found on the Google Pixel 2. After doing an APK teardown, we found that the strings in the app advertised that you could now use two wake up commands: ‘OK Google’ and ‘Hey Google’.

This is welcome news for many users as the ‘Hey Google’ command is easier to say for some, and more choice is mostly a good thing in this case as users can choose from two wake up commands now. If the command has rolled out to your phone, you should see a notification advertising the new capability and recommending you to try it out by retraining your voice in the Google app.

The roll-out of the ‘Hey Google’ command has begun, but so far it is not complete, as many users have reported they haven’t got any notification. Google is expected to roll-out the new capability to all Android users using the latest Google app in the coming weeks.

Let us know if you have received the new capability in the Google app in your phone in the comments below, and tell us which command you prefer!

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