Users Report High Pitched Frequency Sound and Clicking Coming from the Google Pixel 2’s Earpiece

Users Report High Pitched Frequency Sound and Clicking Coming from the Google Pixel 2’s Earpiece

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The Google Pixel 2 looks to be a pretty good device, even if the XL version has some pretty big issues, primarily with the display. With a powerful SoC, 4GB RAM and an amazing camera it would be easy to look past, except for the fact that the are a few more quirks most wouldn’t expect from a premium device.

Users are now starting to report a high pitched noise in the earpiece, along with a clicking noise for some other users. It seems to be unrelated to software, as users have reported trying multiple things to fix it without success. These include factory resetting, network connectivity changes and more to no avail. This could mean the issue is in hardware, and thus will be a lot more complicated to fix. It may be related to interference of some kind.

XDA Member soundwave123 has recorded the sound for those without a Google Pixel 2 to hear it themselves, along with the clicking sound if you also cannot hear it on your particular unit.

On the Google support page for the issue, Google are issuing those affected to contact them and initiate an RMA for their device, implying that this may not be as widespread of an issue as it may seem. If you have the problem, you can contact Google for a replacement via their 1:1 support which will hopefully net you an unaffected replacement unit. Not every user reports the clicking noise, but the simplest way to check for it is to simply hold the device to your ear and listen to the earpiece. If you can’t hear anything, then your device is likely fine and you probably won’t need to return it.

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If you do however hear something and find that it bothers you, you can contact Google through their 1:1 support and ask for an RMA. Most phones will actually have this “hum” noise in the speaker, but some phones will be much louder than others, depending on how well it’s shielded. We’ll see if Google make any further statements, but for now check your device and see if it has either of the sounds. If it does, at least you have the option on contacting Google about it.