Hiroshi Lockheimer Talks About the Future of Android

Hiroshi Lockheimer Talks About the Future of Android

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Hiroshi Lockheimer is the man in charge of Google’s popular mobile platform (as well as Chrome OS), and the executive recently sat down with The Telegraph for an in-depth interview to discuss the future of Android.

The first topic discussed in the interview was the motivation for launching the Pixel smartphone this year. Mr. Lockheimer states that Google looks at the company’s new hardware division as a completely separate OEM, which is now run under Rick Osterloh. Google may be worried about OEMs pushing their own web services, cutting off Google from an important source of ad revenue and data collection. Mr. Lockheimer gave the example of Samsung promoting Samsung Pay on their phones, which compete with Google’s Android Pay.

The Telegraph went on to ask about when the currently Pixel-exclusive Google Assistant would be available on other smartphones. Mr. Lockheimer told the website that an announcement has yet to be made, but reminded us that Google has a history of expanding their services’ availability. He cited Google Now as an example which started off as an Android exclusive but eventually made its way to iOS.

The interviewer also highlights Android’s fragmentation issue and in response Mr. Lockheimer demonstrates that Google is doing a lot of work with the CDD (Compatibility Definition Document) and the CTS (Compatibility Test Suite) to keep true fragmentation as low as possible. He feels most fragmentation complaints are about OEM skins and how some people aren’t a fan of Samsung or LG’s take on the Android UI.

Android security was another topic brought up during the interview, and Mr. Lockheimer states he’s proud of how Google and other OEMs are dedicated to providing monthly security updates. The Telegraph also brought up the rumors about the possibility of Android and Chrome OS merging, which Mr. Lockheimer denies, and they touch on the accusations of the European Union accusing Google of abusing a monopoly to promote their services.

The interview touches on some other points as well, like Instant Apps and Android’s presence in China, so it’s definitely worth checking out at the link below.

Source: The Telegraph