Hisense launches its latest 2019 ULED TVs with Android TV in the US

Hisense launches its latest 2019 ULED TVs with Android TV in the US

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While it’s not the flashiest platform under Google’s umbrella, Android TV has quietly become decently successful. Hisense is a maker of affordable TVs with high-end specs and they recently announced their latest Android TV offerings in the United States. The Hisense H8F and H9F bring impressive 4K HDR displays to the Android TV platform.

The Hisense H8F series is composed of three TVs at three different sizes: 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch. All three models feature 4K ULED displays. They include Dolby Vision, HDR10, wide-color gamut (>90%), full array local dimming, built-in Google Assistant, and even Amazon Alexa support. The 50-inch model is priced at just $399 while the 55-inch costs $499 and the 65-inch is $699.

The Hisense H9F series is a step up from the rest. They include all the features listed above, but the wide-color gamut is 100% and it has better viewing angles. The Quantum Dot panel is 120Hz as well. There are two models in the H9F series: 55-inch and 65-inch. They cost $699 and $999 respectively.

Best Buy and Amazon are currently selling the Hisense H8F series. The Hisense H9F series will be launching next month. If you’re looking for an affordable Android TV device and you need a new TV, the H8F series looks like a killer buy.