HMD Global Executive Says Nokia is Here to Stay, Other OEMs Aren’t Using “Android the Way it Should be”

HMD Global Executive Says Nokia is Here to Stay, Other OEMs Aren’t Using “Android the Way it Should be”

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The Nokia brand has gone through some troubling times over the last few years. Lately, the brand seems to be getting back on its feet thanks to a new partnership with HMD Global, and a new interview says that Nokia smartphones aren’t going anywhere. Per Ekman, the Vice-President for Middle East and North Africa at HMD Global, was in an interview recently where he talked about how Nokia is positioning itself in the smartphone market right now.

The company seems to have made some strategic partnerships that will enable them to compete for years to come. HMD Global signed a 10-year contract with Nokia to be able to produce smartphones and tablets using their company’s brand name. They take suggestions from Nokia themselves about the products they’ll be selling under the Nokia brand, but for the most part it is HMD Global that develops, builds and sells these devices.

Along with this partnership with Nokia, HMD Global also talked about partnerships with both Foxconn as well as Google. HMD Global feels that most of the smartphones on the market right now aren’t using Android “the way it should be.” They feel that OEMs using skins on top of Android isn’t the way it should be and says the customers deserve to have the latest patches from Google as soon as they’ve been made available.

Mr Ekman says HMD Global will be pushing the latest versions of Android to their Nokia devices. He also spoke about how their partnership with Google will enable them to enhance the Nokia brand by putting the “right kind of inputs into the phone,” including Google Assistant. We’ve seen companies promise these types of things in the past and many have failed to do so. We’ll just have to wait and see how Nokia handles their updates in the future.

Source: Gulf News