HMD Global is hiring a UX designer for its Nokia Android phones

HMD Global is hiring a UX designer for its Nokia Android phones

HMD Global’s Nokia phones have earned a name for themselves for offering timely updates and solid software support. A large number of Nokia phones are part of Google’s Android One program and run a near-stock version of Android out-of-the-box. But it appears the company could be looking to lend its software some distinct touch and identity.

One of our readers tipped us that HMD Global is hiring a “User Experience Designer.” The job description is pretty vague, but our tipster believes the company is hiring a UX designer because they want to make their own Android UI. Most Nokia phones right now ship with a stock Android UI as part of the Android One program. Even HMD Global’s non-Android One phones sold in the U.S. still have a stock Android UI — it’s just they don’t have the same update guarantees.


The description doesn’t explicitly mention what actual product the UI/UX designer will be working on. It could also just be that HMD Global is planning to touch up some first-party apps, and those will need a UX designer as well. Android One doesn’t prohibit OEMs from shipping their own apps on top. Nokia phones don’t have a long list of first-party apps, with the stock camera app and My Phone app being the only first-party options.

Key responsibilities for the role include designing graphic user interface elements like menus, tabs, and widgets, developing UI mockups and prototypes, creating original graphic designs, and so on. The UI/UX designer will be responsible for delivering the best online and mobile user experience, the job description reads. You can check out the Linkedin job posting here.

Even if Nokia isn’t looking to develop its own UI on top of stock Android, some first-party apps and customizations that give Nokia phones their own identity and character probably won’t hurt. Motorola’s Moto One series has shown you can still add your own flair and useful customizations to the stock software without going overboard. It’s possible HMD Global could be trying to follow Motorola’s lead here.

Thanks for the tip, DaPanda!

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