HMD Global to Look into Possibility of Unlocking Nokia 8 Bootloader

HMD Global to Look into Possibility of Unlocking Nokia 8 Bootloader

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Yesterday, we reported on a tweet from the Chief Product Officer at HMD Global, Juho Sarvikas, where he was talking about the bootloader unlock status of the Nokia 8. At that time the company’s stance was that they wouldn’t allow users to unlock the bootloader due to security reasons. However, a new tweet from the same representative says they’ve talked with the company’s CTO and that they will reconsider this issue at a later date.

Many of us Android enthusiasts relish at the idea of a new smartphone coming with a bootloader unlock method. It’s how we get popular modifications such as TWRP, Magisk SuperSU, Xposed Framework, custom ROMs and custom kernels installed on our devices. The idea is to let the customer actually, fully own the piece of hardware they’re buying from a company so they can install anything they want on it. Sadly though, there’s been a transition to where less and less OEMs are actually allowing this to happen.

Granted, there are ways to get some Android modifications installed on devices which have a bootloader that cannot be unlocked. This tends to be rare and it requires way more work than it should when you consider how much money we’re paying for smartphones these days. It’s unclear if this newfound attention is what made HMD Global change their mind, but now Mr. Sarvikas has said the company will look into this issue in further detail later.

We’re told that he sat down and spoke with HMD Global’s CTO, Mikko Jaakkola, and that he has agreed to look into the topic at hand. However, the company feels they’re still new to the scene and need to focus on getting their new phones into the hands of the customers who want them. Once they finish with this “ramp up” then they should have more time to look into the bootloader unlock issue.

Source: @sarvikas