HMD Global releases Nokia handsets aimed at those yearning to revisit the past

HMD Global releases Nokia handsets aimed at those yearning to revisit the past

Although Nokia is now just a footnote in mobile phone history, it dominated the market at its peak, with nearly 50 percent market share. Despite the brand dying long ago, the name remains, with HMD Global picking up the mantle and producing Android smartphones and feature phones. The company doesn’t typically deliver anything earth-shattering these days. Still, it at least manages to have some fun with the IP, creating updated handsets that pluck at the heartstrings of nostalgia.

In its most recent efforts, we get the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio and the Nokia 8210 4G. Keep in mind that neither of these are smartphones, but we’re suckers for sentiment here at XDA. For those too young to remember, the firm was experimenting with phones during Nokia’s peak, developing different models for different segments. The XpressMusic devices were explicitly designed with media playback in mind and often included hardware features that could assist with elevating the experience.


Nokia is jam-packed with nostalgia

Nokia 5710 XA in black, showing off its wireles earbuds that can be stowed in the rear of the phone

The Nokia 5710 XpressAudio attempts to deliver in the same vein, focusing on music playback by offering dedicated music playback buttons. But this feature phone is unique because it comes with wireless earbuds housed in the back of the phone. That’s right, by sliding down a cover on the back of the phone, you can access a compartment that will house a set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The compartment isn’t just for looks and also charges the earbuds when not in use. One thing to worry about is that this phone charges via a micro USB port.

Nokia 8210 4G front and rear

As for the Nokia 8210, there isn’t much to be said. The handset offers a nostalgic look and delivers long battery life, paired with a compact size. It has a 0.3MP camera and can connect to cellular networks via 4G. If the phone description is lacking, that’s because it is. This phone isn’t unique; it relies on nostalgia to make it even remotely interesting. While the phone’s values are debatable, it’s nice that HMD Global does manage to tip its hat to the past, giving those in the present a chance to relive Nokia’s glory days.

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