Here’s when HMD Global plans to roll out the Android 11 update to Nokia phones

Here’s when HMD Global plans to roll out the Android 11 update to Nokia phones

Update 1 (10/08/2020 @ 3:21 PM ET): After briefly being published and pulled last week, the Android 11 update roadmap for eligible Nokia smartphones has once again been shared by HMD Mobile. Scroll to the bottom for more information. The article as published on September 29, 2020, is preserved as below.

HMD Global has nearly finished rolling out Android 10 to its lineup of Nokia devices, but there’s already a new Android update on the horizon. Google recently released Android 11 for its Pixel phones, so understandably, Nokia users are wondering when the update will arrive on their devices. For some users, an update is just around the corner.


In a now-deleted Tweet, the Nokia Mobile account shared a roadmap for when HMD Global plans to begin rolling out Android 11 for supported devices. Some of the devices on the list shipped with Android 9, so the company appears to be sticking to its three year promise.

Nokia Mobile posted and then deleted this Tweet, but Neowin captured a screenshot of the tweet.

Up first on the list are devices like the new Nokia 8.3 5G, the Nokia 8.1, the Nokia 2.2, and the Nokia 5.3, which the graphic shows will get Android 11 by Q4 2020. In Q1 2021, HMD Global plans to roll out Android 11 to the Nokia 1.3, Nokia 4.2, Nokia 2.4, Nokia 2.3 and Nokia 3.4. HMD Global’s graphic includes information through Q2 2021, promising to update five more devices to Android 11 by then. Those devices include the Nokia 3.2, the Nokia 7.2, the Nokia 6.2, the Nokia 1 Plus, and the Nokia 9 PureView.

Unfortunately, there are some notable absences on the list, as noted by Neowin, including the Nokia 8 Sirocco and the budget Nokia 1, the latter of which received Android 10 over the summer. If a budget device is what you’re after, however, you have plenty of more recent options to choose from.

It’s unclear why Nokia Mobile deleted its post, but we were able to verify that the tweet was indeed posted on Twitter. It’s possible not all the information about Android 11 included in the graphic is accurate, or perhaps Nokia Mobile simply wasn’t prepared to share it publicly yet.

If you’re anxious to give Android 11 a shot, hopefully HMD Global will stick to the roadmap it briefly shared on Twitter.

Update: Nokia’s Android 11 update roadmap released, for real this time

HMD Global has now officially revealed its update roadmap for Android 11 and it is identical to the previous leak.

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