HMD Global talks about sales, gaming phones, and the Nokia 9

HMD Global talks about sales, gaming phones, and the Nokia 9

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Nokia (both the company and the brand) has had quite an interesting history when it comes to cellular phones. Many of us have heard of the Nokia 3310 as it was virtually indestructible with reports citing the company sold over 126 million units worldwide. Their cellular division was sold to Microsoft who created and then shut down the Lumia brand for their Windows Phone project but then we saw a resurgence in Nokia as HMD Global acquired the rights to sell phones under its brand name. A lot has happened over these last two years and WinFuture had a chance to sit down for an interview to learn about the company’s sales, gaming phones, the elusive Nokia 9, and much more.

A lot of people focus on sales numbers when it comes to whether or not a new smartphone (or a smartphone OEM in general) is successful or not. The Nokia of old selling over 126 million units of the 3310 has always been a mark of pride for them, and it meant that almost everyone knew at least one person who owned the phone. With HMD Global taking over these last two years, we have learned they were able to sell over 70 million units. This started with the launch of the Nokia 6 but since then they have churned out a lot of smartphones under the Nokia brand name.

We’ve watched as a new niche has evolved within the industry. The so-called “gaming smartphone” market is incredibly small but we’ve seen products for this customer base from ASUS, Razer, and even Xiaomi. When asked, HMD Global says they will not be putting out any products to serve this niche in the near future. The company (rightfully) believes that such a device is difficult to market which means it is simply not relevant to HMD Global at this time (sorry, no Nokia N-Gage successor planned at this time).

There was a lot talked about in this interview so fans of Nokia should definitely check out the 2-page piece. However, the last big subject talked about during it was about the Nokia 9. There has been quite the number of leaks surrounding this device from the two-rear camera renders which made headlines back in October to the newer renders which show off a device with 5 cameras on the back. As 2018 is coming to a close, HMD Global was asked if we should expect to see the Nokia 9 in any shape or form before the end of the year.

Sadly, that is not the case but Nokia does say that in 2019 the company “wants to come up with new innovations.” So we may end up seeing this unique smartphone used to kick off next year with a bang.

Source: WinFuture