HMD Global is Rumored to Release a “Customized” Nokia 8 in the US and China

HMD Global is Rumored to Release a “Customized” Nokia 8 in the US and China

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Similar to HTC, a lot of people in the smartphone (and even cellular phones before that) have a soft spot for Nokia. They had some popular devices before smartphones came into existence and many were happy with the Lumia devices thanks to the impressive camera performance and good hardware-price ratios. So when HMD Global began licensing the Nokia name and releasing smartphones, it naturally got a lot of people excited. The company slowly started building up a portfolio and recently launched their flagship, the Nokia 8.

After the launch though, there were still some questions left that needed to be answered. The biggest one we saw was about where the company had plans to launch the device. The Nokia 6 received a release in the United States, so many had hoped the flagship would as well. However, a preview article about the device from CNET said HMD Global didn’t have any plans to bring this device to countries like the United States or Australia.

While it may be true that the company isn’t working to bring this specific version of the device to the United States, a new rumor brings up a different point. Sources close to Nokia Power User claim that HMD Global is working on building a customized version of the Nokia 8 for the United States and China markets. The report cites sources “with knowledge of HMD’s plans,” but doesn’t have any additional details regarding pricing, release date or specs of the US variant. Given the countries the variant supposedly targets, this variant might require CDMA band certification for US carriers, for example.

They did look at the way HMD Global handled the Chinese release of the Nokia 6 as a possible way the company could approach new markets. HMD Global released the Nokia 6 in China 6 months later and gave it a bump in RAM. So it’s rumored that they will be doing the same for the Chinese variant of the Nokia 8 as well (especially since China seems to be an important market for them). This doesn’t mean the US release of the Nokia 8 will get the same treatment though, so we’ll have to wait and see what the company has in store.

Source: Nokia Power User