HMS Core 5.0 Debuted on HDC, Opening Up More Capabilities

HMS Core 5.0 Debuted on HDC, Opening Up More Capabilities

On September 10, 2020, HMS Core 5.0 made its debut at the Huawei Developer Conference. At the conference, Mr. Zhang Ping’an, President of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service, delivered a keynote speech titled “Soaring to Greater Heights, Together with HMS.” As he noted, the HMS ecosystem has achieved a place among the top 3 mobile app ecosystems in the world in the short space of just one year.

Previously, HMS Core 5.0 had already been released globally. Since last year’s HDC, the number of registered developers within the HMS ecosystem has increased from 0.91 million to 1.8 million, and the number of apps integrated with HMS Core has increased from 43,000 to 96,000, an increase of 123%.


HMS Core 5.0 opens up more software, hardware, and cloud capabilities, covering seven major domains including the app services, graphics, AI, and system domains. These capabilities can help developers build better apps.

Graphics: A More Vivid Graphics Experience

In the graphics domain, HMS Core 5.0 provides services like Computer Graphics Kit, Accelerate Kit, and Scene Kit, enabling developers to improve the efficiency of app development and build a better user experience.

Computer Graphics Kit provides a high-performance rendering framework and a series of rendering plug-ins. It is an open capability system based on GPU technologies. After integrating Computer Graphics Kit, game apps can improve their average frame rate by 13-16% and reduce their average power consumption by 11-13%*, offering users a better overall experience.

* Data source: Huawei labs

By integrating Computer Graphics Kit, REVELATION (a mobile game from NetEase) has been able to utilize device-side graphics algorithms like anti-aliasing, volumetric cloud, and image super-resolution to provide more immersive 3D graphics rendering effects for users.

In addition to Computer Graphics Kit, Scene Kit in the graphics domain provides multiple scenario-based APIs, helping developers achieve exquisite rendering effects more efficiently. Accelerate Kit provides developers with easy-to-use multi-thread APIs, helping them improve app performance with ease. Moreover, AR Engine provides developers with basic AR capabilities such as motion tracking, human body and face tracking, and environment tracking, enabling them to merge virtual and real world elements and by doing so build a brand-new interactive visual experience.

AI: A World Without Barriers

As AI technologies continue to develop at an unprecedented pace, smart capabilities are becoming a must-have element in a developer’s arsenal. Keeping abreast of the technology trend, ML Kit helps developers build AI-powered apps to help deliver an optimal user experience.
According to Mr. Zhang Pingan, Huawei will open up all device-cloud capabilities to developers. This includes ML Kit, which provides services such as translation, text recognition, speech recognition, and face/body detection.
ML Kit in HMS Core 5.0 helps developers easily build AI-powered apps. For apps integrated with ML Kit, the speed of face/person detection increases by 70% and the accuracy of text recognition reaches 99%, delivering a smarter and more convenient experience for the user.

App Services: Allowing Developers to Focus on Innovation

In HMS Core 5.0, multiple app services have been enhanced. For example, Scan Kit improves the accuracy of barcode scanning and response speed in complex scenarios, thanks to the deep-learning barcode scanning engine. Map Kit provides new capabilities to plan routes for taking public transportation, helping developers enrich the practical functions of their apps.

In his speech, Mr. Zhang Ping’an said that multiple top video apps in the Chinese mainland, such as Mango TV, Youku, and Tencent Video, had integrated WisePlay DRM, and that Huawei has been negotiating with multiple content producers to seek cooperation.

WisePlay DRM not only enhances DRM protection capabilities from the software, hardware, to enhanced hardware levels, but also builds a complete ChinaDRM ecosystem under cooperation with ChinaDRM and operations organizations. Currently, multiple top video apps in the Chinese mainland have joined the ChinaDRM ecosystem, where WisePlay DRM plays an important role in offering free copyright protection services for audio and video apps.

HMS: The Spark of Inspiration to Light the Way Forward

Finally, Mr. Zhang Ping’an said, “We are constantly facing challenges. The greater the challenge, the more determined we are to build the HMS ecosystem. The huge challenges we faced have inspired us. With support from more and more excellent partners, we join hands with 700 million users around the world to open up HMS and look forward to achieving great things in the future.”

HMS Core will be continuously optimized and enhanced in the future to provide richer and better app services, and Huawei looks forward to working together with global developers and partners to bring users a smart life experience in all scenarios.

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