The iSteady V2 with 3-Axis Gimbal and AI Tracking Wins Red Dot Award

The iSteady V2 with 3-Axis Gimbal and AI Tracking Wins Red Dot Award

Driven by the goal of constantly improving the ability of users to take better smartphone footage, Hohem has received a Red Dot award for the iSteady V2. The iSteady V2 utilizes a combination of the best gimbal features available, to create the ultimate smartphone companion. Mobile photographers, videographers, streamers, TikTokers, or anyone who regularly uses their smartphone camera, will be obsessed with the iSteady V2 from Hohem.

iSteady V2

Hohem is not new to the world of smartphone gimbals. They have a long history of offering high-quality solutions to steady your smartphone. With the iSteady V2, Hohem uses a 3-Axis gimbal along with an AI tracking system that allows the gimbal to follow its subject and keep you in the shot, without the need for a companion app. The ability to work without an app opens up the possibility to use the iSteady V2 with any video call service, social media, or camera app that you like.

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AI Tracking that Keeps the Action on Screen

In order to keep you in the shot, the iSteady V2 is the first stabilizer in the world that uses an AI tracking system that can detect faces. This is done using an onboard system that works independently from any app. So when you’re ready to capture your next TikTok video, the camera can follow you as you move across the scene- no cameraperson required!

You can use the face tracking feature in any way you choose. Have your camera follow you as you’re on a video call, walking back and forth in your kitchen as you prepare your dinner. You can even have it follow you in a full 360-degree shot, as you capture the view from a mountain top. Give all of your social media videos the ability to capture smooth shots while never missing the action.

Award-winning Design

To create the award-winning design of the iSteady V2, Hohem took inspiration from the bionic owl design features high AI recognition, fast-tracking, and automatic following. They included a wrap-around fill light that uses a diamond prism design which creates three levels of adjustable natural soft light. The different light settings can be used for different lighting environments, making sure that you can always have a well-lit shot.

To achieve the smoothest video possible, iSteady4.0 three-axis anti-shake algorithm is used in combination with a deeply optimized lens field of view. This gives the user accurate visual recognition, further enhancing flexibility.

iSteady V2 is designed with a double laminated board, resulting in the ability to deliver an intelligent shooting experience while being more portable. At 263 grams (9.27 ounces), the iSteady V2 is the ultimate smartphone companion, and portable enough to take with you anywhere.


  • AI Vision Sensor
  • Gesture Control
  • Quick Roll Switch
  • Built-in LED Video Light
  • 3-Axis Stabilization
  • Emergency Power Bank
  • Ultralight Foldable
  • Moment Mode

Get the iSteady V2 for any phone, regardless of make and model.

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