Holding the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e in landscape could kill your WiFi connection

Holding the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e in landscape could kill your WiFi connection

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The phrase “you’re holding it wrong” is infamous within the smartphone community. It received so much attention that it even bled into the mainstream tech community as well. For those who are not familiar with this phrase, it was something that Steve Jobs said in response to the iPhone 4 reception issues. While that was due to the smartphone’s antenna design, a similar but different issue seems to be happening to the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e tablet. We’re seeing reports of people losing WiFi connection when they hold the tablet in its landscape orientation.

Samsung had only recently released the Galaxy Tab S5e and it was initially received rather well. It ticked a lot of boxes that people are looking for in a tablet. We see this time and time again though as specs and data points pale in comparison to actually using a smartphone or a tablet. This time around the issue seems to be with its WiFi antenna and how your hands can potentially block its signal if you’re holding it a certain way. Flip it around or use it in its portrait orientation and you won’t have the same issue.

This is interesting because people use smartphones and tablets all the time without having WiFi connectivity issues. You can even cover the WiFi antenna area with multiple hands of some devices and not see the same issue that the Galaxy Tab S5e is currently having. Some people see their WiFi connection terminated immediately when they hold it that way while others simply see the signal strength drastically reduced. We have yet to see an official response from Samsung about the issue but so far signs suggest there are some serious design issues with its latest tablet.

Via: SamMobile