Hole-punch battery indicator app “Energy Ring” released for the Galaxy A51/71, S10 Lite, and Z Flip

Hole-punch battery indicator app “Energy Ring” released for the Galaxy A51/71, S10 Lite, and Z Flip

The punch hole camera cutout was a unique take on Samsung’s design philosophy, and the company is embracing it quite well. This layout, formally known as Infinity-O display, was initially introduced by the Galaxy A8s, but the Galaxy S10 lineup was responsible for making it a household name. Despite having a rather polarizing review, modders have targeted these display holes for tinkering and come up with creative apps, such as Energy Ring, to turn the area around the camera hole into a battery indicator. The man behind the tweak, XDA Recognized Developer jagan2, has now added support for the Galaxy A51, Galaxy A71, Galaxy S10 Lite, and the Galaxy Z Flip.


XDA Forums: Galaxy A51 || Galaxy A71 || Galaxy S10 Lite || Galaxy Z Flip

Energy Ring was originally developed for the Galaxy S10‘s singular camera hole, but jagan2 eventually added support for the wider camera cutout on the Galaxy S10+. Since then, major Samsung flagships with punch hole camera(s), such as the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S20 series, gained compatibility with this unique mod. According to the developer, the app consumes minuscule CPU horsepower and puts itself into deep sleep when the screen is turned off.

From changing colors based on battery level to defining the direction of depletion, there are a lot of customization options offered by the app, while a few extra features can be unlocked via in-app purchases. A special note for the owners of the Galaxy Z Flip: the current version of the app doesn’t support the cover screen LED due to the lack of official APIs.


The developer has decided to publish a dedicated version of the app targeting the aforementioned devices, which is linked below. The device-specific discussion threads are also listed separately.

Energy Ring for the Galaxy A51 — XDA Thread

Energy Ring for the Galaxy A71 — XDA Thread

Energy Ring for the Galaxy S10 Lite — XDA Thread

Energy Ring for the Galaxy Z Flip — XDA Thread

Energy Ring: Universal Edition
Developer: IJP
Price: Free

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